Consent integration

The Signatu Consent system is built on a REST API. Make sure you are familiar with the Architecture.

Using the REST API

You can use the REST API directly from any environment that can do HTTP POST requests. Requests are authorized using a OAuth Bearer Token. Refer to the full API documentation for details.

CRM integration

Signatu can send consent events to other systems using the flexible Channels system.

Opt-out support

If you don’t use Consent as legal basis you can still use the Signatu Consent system. If you use e.g., legitimate interest, you are still required to provide opt-out for your users. In practice everything is the same, except that no user action is interpreted as permission to process in the legitimate interest case.

We provide the optOut flag for all the Consent components in the SDK, e.g.,

Note that the consent status texts are automatically turned off when optOut is activated.