Events are sent to the webhook URL using POST with a JSON event payload. The event format contains two fields type and data. The type specifies the event type (see types below), and data is a JSON object representing the actual event data:

"type": "consent",
"text": "Some (optional) human-readable description of the event",
"data": { ... }


data contains the full consent event (see Consent Schema for a complete description).

"type": "consent",
"text": "Subject 1666a664380aad0d6d4ed0cb3357be28637b3a25a18b9b3f1c49501e7835d73a just consented to https://signatu.com/api/v0/policies/5",
"data": {
"subject": "1666a664380aad0d6d4ed0cb3357be28637b3a25a18b9b3f1c49501e7835d73a",
"issuer": "https://signatu.com/api/v0/datacontrollers/23",
"target": "https://signatu.com/api/v0/policies/5",
"source": "https://signatu.com/app/tab/integrate",
"action": true,
"token": "TMCMB6",
"createdAt": "2017-02-24T08:45:34.398Z"

Supported Events

Signatu supports the following events for Webhooks.

consentInvoked whenever a new Consent event is registered. The data payload will contain the actual consent event.
consent:refreshIf refreshAt is set for the ConsentEvent, this event will be sent around the time refreshAt expires.
trackerdetectInvoked whenever a site scan discovers changes - i.e., when new trackers and/or cookies are found on the site.
policyInvoked whenever a Policy is published.

Policy event

"text": "Policy ID 81829053c2be90fa was published to the Signatu CDN. PermaLink: https://cdn.signatu.com/policies/81829053c2be90, ActiveLink: https://cdn.signatu.com/policies/active/210b4445b70b11",