Policy integration

Privacy Policies generated by Signatu can be integrated in your website or app in a number of ways described below.


If you require a flexible integration into your site, you should look at the Signatu SDK - either using plain javascript or the React library.

In the live example below you can try changing the link to your own PermaLink or ActiveLink and clicking the button:

The policy is hosted on a global Content Delivery Network (CDN), providing fast and reliable delivery of the policy to end users. You can link directly from your site - e.g., https://cdn.signatu.com/policies/88223ee422c300ff.

There are two types of links:

  • Activelink - this link will always refer to the latest version of the policy and will change when a new version is published.
  • Permalink - this link will refer to a specific version of the policy, and the content of the link will never change.

You can find the links for a specific version on a Policy card by clicking the top right dots and choosing History.

Policy Card Menu

Policy Links

Embedded IFrame

You can embed an IFrame with the Signatu Policy into your site. Note that you may need to allow this in your website security settings.

Simply use either the ActiveLink or PermaLink in an IFrame:

<iframe src="https://cdn.signatu.com/policies/88223ee422c300ff" />


From the History view described above you can download the Policy in PDF, Markdown and JSON formats.