Collaborate in teams


Team Access to Trackerdetect

  • Give Collaborators access to Sites and Site Groups that you scan to detect and monitor other companies on your site.
  • Share with your team!
  • Delegate in your Trackerdetect settings!

Delegate from Trackerdetect

  • Delegate to another person (Page Responsible) responsibility per URL.
  • The Page Responsible can receive notifications about newly detected companies on that URL.
  • The Page Responsible can edit information about detected companies found on that URL and write that to the site metadata.
  • Delegate in your Trackerdetect settings!

Specify Message Topics

  • Specify the message topics you want notifications for, e.g.:
    • Trackerdetect
    • Consent
    • Policy
  • You set your Messages under “E-MAIL NOTIFICATIONS” under “Login”/“My Account”.

Message Trackerdetect Events

  • Message site scans and selected events regarding when other companies are on your site.
  • Messages can be sent immediately or as a daily digest.
  • Messages can be sent to Account Owner, Page Responsible or Collaborator.
  • Message site scans via different channels (see below).
  • Messages use severity flags to indicate severity of actions needed.
  • Messages are stored.


Channels enable you to send events from Signatu to other IT systems (e.g., CRM) using a variety of transports.

Supported channels are:

  • webhooks (you can also create webhooks using the Webhook API).
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS).
  • Microsoft Azure Service Bus.

You set your Channels under “CHANNELS” under “Login”/“My Account”.

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