Wordpress plugin


The Signatu Wordpress plugin allows you to integrate the Cookie Banner in Wordpress.


Download the plugin from:


The plugin is self contained. Install the plugin like this:

  1. Download the latest version of the link above.
  2. Go to your Wordpress site admin page.
  3. Click Plugins->Add New->Upload Plugin.
  4. Upload the plugin your downloaded from Signatu.
  5. Activate the plugin.
  6. Configure the plugin settings in Settings->Signatu.

Configuring the plugin

  • Access Token - a valid Signatu API access token. The token must have consentand dataprocessing:read permissions (this is default when creating the Cookie Banner). You can find the API Access Token at https://signatu.com/app/account#tokens.
  • Banner Type - choose the banner type. The Cookie Button will show an action icon on every page, while the Cookie Banner will show default when the user has not taken any action.
  • Language - the language to display in the banner. Note that if you’re using custom texts, you need to ensure that your banner Data Processing Group has texts in the chosen language.
  • Data Processing Group ID - the ID of the Data Processing Group. You can copy it in your account at https://signatu.com/app/dataprocessing/groups.
  • Privacy Policy URL - the URL of your Privacy Policy.
  • Banner Variant - the design and layout variant of the banner.
  • Banner Position - the position of the banner dialog.

Configure Plugin

Controlling the banner

If you’re using the Cookie Button, the user can open the banner by clicking the button. In most cases no additional integration is needed.

Should you need more fine grained control of the banner, you can send messages to the DOM window. Refer to Signatu documentation for controlling the banner state.


If you want to respond to events from the Cookie Banner, review the SDK documentation.


Content Security Policy (CSP)

The Wordpress plugin will embed an IFrame running the Signatu Cookie Banner. The banner will make calls to api.signatu.com. If you are using a Content Security Policy (CSP) on your site you need to ensure that connect-src allows the plugin to make calls to api.signatu.com, e.g.,:

Content-Security-Policy: connect-src 'self' api.signatu.com;

More information about CSP is available at MDN.