We’ve built Signatu to give digital businesses helpful and self-serviced tools!

The SaaS Privacy Platform

Signatu is a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for managing privacy on your sites and apps. We provide tools for managing consent, monitoring cookies and 3rd parties, and creating GDPR-compliant Privacy Policies. So you can give your users control, and earn their trust.


When you respectfully ask your users for their consent, you build trust. Signatu aims to provide the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, scalable and secure Consent Management Platform in the market. So it's easy for you to build those trust relationships and build your business.


Analyze your website and identify 3rd party cookies, beacons and scripts that can collect information from your users. We also identify security flaws in your website that may increase risk of e.g., phishing to your users. And, we can monitor your site(s) multiple times per day, and notify you when 3rd parties scripts are found.

Privacy Policy

It can be challenging to inform your users about your data processing in a way that is both clear and compliant with the law. Signatu provides a comprehensive questionnaire that ensures you cover all the required information in your policy. Once you have completed you can publish the Privacy Policy to our global, high-speed Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Collaborate in teams

Safeguarding personal data and repecting your users privacy is something that cannot be solved by a single person in an organization. Signatu has collaboration features that enable you to involve a larger part of your organization in the work.

Developer Friendly

We aim to make integrating with Signatu from your website or app as easy as possible. Signatu provides a REST API, re-usable and composable React components, and a Javascript SDK.
Using this React component looks easy! When your users accept or refuse a request like this, Signatu will safeguard the event for you. Go ahead, try to edit the black box, it's a live component.
Click Accept to consent to this use, or click Refuse to refuse this use.  You have not taken action.

GDPR & ePrivacy

The secure Signatu platform takes care of a lot of complex compliance details so that you don't have to. Our legal expert network reviews Privacy Policy clauses and Consent dialogs in sync with EU legal requirements.
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