Manage user consent

Consent Requests

Write correct consent requests in our editor, record and track request versions, and compose consent requests with our SDK.

Developer Friendly

Integrate our React components, our Javascript SDK (works with blogs, too), or use the flexible REST API. Either way, we secure your consent data and keep it available 24/7. Feel free to edit the code in the black box below. Try to change the language code. It's live code.
I consent that ACME Inc. can send me weekly personalized emails for the purpose of offering me relevant products and services.
Click Accept to consent to this use, or click Refuse to refuse this use.  You have not taken action.

Secure Consent Record

You can receive, record, store, track and prove user consent events that you can use from your websites and apps. Signatu secures a log of all Consent Events from your users, providing a full audit trail for GDPR compliance.


Signatu can send events via Webhooks, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), and Microsoft Azure Service Bus. So you can integrate other systems that you need for your business, such as CRM, Analytics, Marketing, and ERP.

Always available

We make sure that all the data is available for your app when you need it. All data is stored in accordance with EU GDPR in ISO 27001 certified data centers in the EU.

Legitimate Interest

You can register and manage opt-out of legitimate interest with Signatu consent technology.

Questions and answers

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